Geganta de Mataró is the inseparable couple of Robafaves. Its appearance is that of a classic queen with crown, white veil, and velvet cloak. It is necessary to emphasize the beautiful bouquet of natural flowers that always brings in the left hand and in the right hand a handmade handkerchief that made a group of grandmothers of the city.

The construction of the current Geganta was commissioned to Josep Maria Diamant y Montañés in 1964, who created new volumes with polyester to reduce weight and improve strength.

In 1984, Mataró City Council approved a new regulation, and the Giants are included as part of the city's public heritage and its institutional representation, which is why an important process of innovations in the figure aspect is being carried out. Robafaves passes through the Solsonencs workshop of Manel Casserres, who maintains the metallic structures but makes a complete remodelling of the appearance using the cardboard again for the head and hands, without leaving the fibreglass. A new wardrobe is also made, recalling the style of the 1950s by Llorenç Illa, despite the fact that in 1992 Manuel Casserres himself renovated the wardrobe again.

In 2014 the Town Hall of Mataró renovates the wardrobe of the Geganta by Manuel Casserres, and his new wardrobe is the most innovative and colourful in the line of continuous wardrobe that opts for all the other giants of the family.

Geganta dances to the sound of "flabiolaires" in the parades and the sleeping ones, perpetuating the tradition of the city. In "La Dormida", the Geganta dances with Robafaves "La Masurca", the repertoire of the "flabiolaire" Quirze Perich. He then dances with Robafaves, Toneta, and Maneló "El Ball de quatre" by Carles Arabia. All these dances are a choreography of Montserrat Calsapeu.

Acts in which it participates: Geganta participates in the majority of acts of "Les Santes", Festa Major de Mataró; la Crida, el Desvetllament Bellugós, l’Anada a Ofici, la Passada, Anada a la Residència Sant Josep, el No n’hi ha prou, l’Anem a tancar i and also goes out for the Day of Sant Jordi.